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Beautiful or Average? …Beautiful!

Dove-choosebeautifulcampaignphotoIt’s no secret, women struggle with body image. We are our own harshest critics. I don’t think many people — even the men in our lives — would argue with that.

Yesterday, I watched the new Dove “Choose Beautiful” campaign for the first time and was mesmerized. If you haven’t seen it, watch here.

The campaign centers on a 3.5 min video that shows women from five cities around the globe having to choose to enter a building through one of two doors — a BEAUTIFUL door and an AVERAGE door. Read more

Can changing your mind change your health?

YES! Yes it can.

11096514_807560035980415_2402216607578935093_oHow many of us have wished for a magic pill or silver bullet to help us lose weight? Be honest.

I used to wish for it and search for it — sometimes consciously and other times almost unconsciously as I pursued the latest fad diet, weight loss pill, even hypnosis!

But the truth is, the secret to my success was nothing more than…ME. I finally got that I had to change my head game. First, I had to believe that I could and would be successful. Then I changed my focus, my mindset and made myself and my health the priority. That’s when I transformed my body and my life. Read more

Imperfectly, unique. As it should be.


Lovin my new workout. Dancing in the kitchen!

Motivation Monday: Get on your workout gear and start movin and groovin at home…in the kitchen!

006b7462047a8188f4221856e877e672I haven’t been this excited to work out on Monday morning in some time.

Last week, when I was getting tired of working out every day to my Biggest Loser DVD’s with Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, I decided to change it up. (No offense, Bob and Dolvett, I love you and the workouts are great. I just needed some variety.)

So I created a new playlist and started dancing to my favorite workout songs — in the kitchen. Read more

Are you trying to do too much? Be honest.

Busyness vs. whole. I choose whole!

Alexander Ramsey State Park-hike

Hiking Alexander Ramsey State Park

Which of these equals success in your mind?

1) Being busy all the time balancing your busy job/career, your home obligations, the kids/family, volunteering at church…and then when trying to fit in time for a doctor’s appointment or a walk with a friend, you put if off because you realize you have a work deadline and you can’t get it all done. You’re just too busy. Crazy busy!

Or… Read more

Podcast: Lori Schaefer turns 48, loses 211 lbs

014-Lori-SchaeferAfter I shared the short version of my transformation story on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, I had the privilege of sharing a much longer version with Brett Fairell who started the podcast and website titled: “Your Way Weight Loss.”

I met Brett at the Biggest Loser after-party where we swapped transformation stories. Brett lost 173 lbs and his way was the Paleo diet. Like me, Brett is paying it forward, and asked me to be interviewed for his podcast. Here is my full interview titled: Lori Schaefer Turns 48, loses 211 lbs. Read more

You are what you eat. Uh oh!

March is National Nutrition Month. What kind of fuel are you putting in your body?

fruit for breakfastDid you know that fruit is a carb? How about that a chicken breast & a doughnut have about the same calories? But, boy, oh boy, do they get processed differently in your body.

In celebration of March being National Nutrition Month, I thought it would be fun to start the week off with a blog about nutrition.

When I started my transformational weight loss journey, I didn’t know that fruit is a natural carbohydrate. And I was sketchy on details about good and bad carbs all together. Read more

Beautiful women. Beautiful stories. Beautiful day.

Lori at Duluth Women's Expo 2015The winter weather was gorgeous last Saturday and so were the women who came out to hear me share my transformation story at the Duluth Women’s Expo. We had a full house, and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the incredible women who attended.

I love speaking to women’s groups. There is such energy and eagerness among women to “better themselves” — to strive to reach their full potential. As women we’re often our own harshest critics, but most of us also have an innate desire to become more self-aware and to make ourselves and the world a better place. That energy and focus was prevalent in the crowd on Saturday. Read more


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