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Guess who’s on the NBC Biggest Loser Finale?

I’ll give you one guess!

It’s true. I’m in LA with LoriSchaefer-After-BigPantsmy mom getting ready to tell my transformation story on the live finale of NBC’s Biggest Loser, Season 16. I’m thrilled to be here and meet everyone. And, I’m excited to share my story.

Tune in to your local NBC channel from 8-10 p.m. ET (7-9 p.m. for all my peeps back home in Minnesota) and watch the amazing two-hour Biggest Loser finale. You can see me share the story of how O’Neal Hampton and the Biggest Loser inspired me to a -200 lb weight loss, and watch all the amazing transformations from this season. Read more

Join the “Do One Thing” Challenge

Do one good thing every day for you and your health. Let me know what happens.

10927214_953709967996259_1130776400138618197_oWhat would happen if you did one good thing for your  health every day…and then kept doing it consistently? What if you took just one small step and started moving toward a happier and healthier you?

Would you feel better…look better…have more energy…be able to do more? Would you become better at putting yourself in the daily equation and prioritizing you? Would you gain momentum because your one action inspired other positive action for a healthier you? Maybe you would inspire others in your family to join you? Yes! I think so. In fact, I know so.

The key is to actually START and DO!

I love this quote about small steps. All too often we stop ourselves from moving forward toward our goals because we are daunted by the task. We THINK about it. We TALK about what we SHOULD do. We tell people what we PLAN to do. Sometimes we even set deadlines. But we never quite get around to going 100% all-in and just DOING IT!

Well, here’s your chance.

Read more

Confused about what to eat to lose weight and maintain a healthy body?

You’re not alone! Busting common nutrition & diet myths.

By Sandra Swami, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Lori, Sandra Personal Training at Balance for Life Feb. 2012 -  Balance For Life 172EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest blog by personal trainer and wellness coach, Sandra Swami. Sandra helped me achieve my -200+ lb weight loss and I work with her now to maintain a healthy lifestyle…for life. Sandra is also a nutritional coach, and when I saw she was teaching a class titled: “Debunking Common Nutrition Myths,” I asked her to write a blog for my readers. I’ve heard from many  people post new year asking, “What should I eat to lose weight?” and  commenting they are confused by conflicting diet and nutrition advice.

I get it. If you’re confused about what to eat, how much, when. Or, don’t know what to believe on food labels and in the diet and nutrition advice you read online, start here. Feel free to post questions and Sandra will answer them.

Do a Google search on “nutrition and diet myths” and you get 7,720,000 results. WOW!!! And when you delve in and start reading you discover that one article makes certain claims such as “A High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diet is the BEST one for weight loss.” But wait! Another claims that that is a MYTH and the BEST weight loss program is to cut calories.

Another says to eliminate all gluten. Another to replace your soda with diet soda — then you’re golden! Eggs are bad, but dairy is good – or is it that dairy is bad and eggs are good? Never skip meals, but NEVER eat after 8 pm! But… what if you haven’t eaten dinner yet because you work late and it is 9 pm? Read more

What is this gym going to teach me today?

“What is this gym going to teach me about myself, today?” — Trainer Bob Harper, Season 16 Biggest Loser, January 15, 2015

Ready to work out - 2014!

When I heard this quote from my favorite trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser tonight, I knew I had to finish and hit publish on the blog I started this morning. And I knew that quote had to be the lead.

What a powerful question for anyone (like me…and perhaps you) who once feared, loathed and avoided the gym only to years later “find her best self” in the gym by pushing past mental limits to find her true potential — inside and out.

While I don’t often workout and blog about it anymore because daily/weekly workouts have become routine, today was special. A fitness milestone, if you will. So I want to share it here and hope it provides inspiration for you. Because if I can, you can. Read more

Do one thing that feels good…every day

And 2015 could be your best, healthiest year yet!

P.S. This from the girl who once said “I hate the gym” & “I can’t do it”… and now says …”That feels good,” “OMG, I’m running!” & “What next?!”

pinkshoesToday’s blog is for those who HATE  to exercise or FEAR the gym. It’s for anyone who can’t bring themselves to join the gym or to use their stale membership because they either don’t know what to do, are intimidated by the equipment or the people, or feel it’s too expensive. Or, all of the above!

This blog is for anyone who thinks they’re too busy with kids, work and “life” to take time out for themselves every day — to exercise, to meditate, to walk, practice yoga, take a soothing bath, stretch, or take one step to change a diet habit. This blog is really for anyone who believes they can’t do it.

Peeps, I get it! I totally gotcha. I really, really do. I was right there four years ago. And today I have a message for you….YES, you can! Just start. Start with one thing. #intheequation-doonething Read more

Inspiration: For me and for you

In the Equation — A year in review

Climbing Humpback Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia over Christmas break.

At the start of our climb to Humpback Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia over 2014 Christmas break.

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Thanks for being a part of this online community where we’re working toward living happy, healthy and whole lives by learning to take care of ourselves…by putting ourselves in the equation.

I’ve been blogging at for more than four years now. And, trust me, I learn and grow on the journey toward wholeness every time I share my story, celebrate a milestone, or tackle a tough subject here. Blogging helps me stay focused on living intentionally and reaching my greatest potential. It’s also my desire to provide hope, inspiration and support to others who struggle with their weight, health and overall happiness — inside and out. We all deserve to be healthy and happy. And, we can be!

So, after a two-week holiday hiatus from the blog to spend time with my loved ones, I am back and ready for a new year! As we begin this new year together at, I want to know what blog topics are important to YOU. While most often I write from my own experiences, it’s important to me to know what resonates with my followers.

This past year, WordPress made that easier by publishing a report of the most read and visited blog pages on my website. I found it informative and wanted to share the top 10 with you here in case you missed them and find inspiration in these words.

Here are the top 10 (most read/visited) In the Equation blog posts in 2014. Read more

Tis the season…

2014-12-17 12.03.40Tis the season of giving, joy, celebrating each other and being grateful for what we have.

It’s also the season of busyness, stress and expectations, and if we’re not careful we find ourselves all to easily missing the meaning behind the holidays.

I am blessed and have blogged about it more than once here. So far this season, I am in my equation and staying grounded in the true spirit of the season. But that’s not the reason for this blog post…

Today, I awoke thinking of those  who are struggling. Those who are lonely, sick, in financial distress, sad, grieving…and for whom the holidays are just plain hard because they are reminder that all is not right with the world. My full heart is with anyone reading this who is in this camp or who has people in their immediate lives in this place. I think we all do. And for many of us, we’ve been in that place ourselves at one time or another. We know what it feels like to not be filled with holiday spirit, but rather just be getting through the days. Read more

-211 lbs + love = a WHOLE life!

The incredible gift of transformation — four years in.

ITE_Weight_Quote“Did you ever think in your whole life, you’d have a whole life?”

I will never forget the day I heard those words for the first time. I got choked up instantly. My eyes welled with tears and, I knew, for the first time since my transformation journey began that indeed this was the gift I gave myself when I decided to put myself and my health first.

A WHOLE life. Not a busy life. Not…a small life…a fake life… an empty life… But a full,  complete and whole life with me going into the arena 100% all-in, pursuing those things that matter most, even when they’re hard. (Brene Brown, I am Daring Greatly and you’d be proud.)

For me living a WHOLE life means living wholeheartedly, from a place of self-love and self-worth. It means going “all in” and opening myself up to it all — even and especially LOVE! True romantic love. The kind that once you get it for real, you realize you weren’t living a whole life before.

Yep. This is the gift — the greatest gift — I gave myself when I found the courage four years ago to push past my intense fear and go “all in” committing to my goal of putting ME in the center of my life and getting healthy so I’d be around for years and years. This was the beginning of learning to go for my big, hairy audacious goals and dreams — and it was the beginning of opening myself up to real, true romantic love and intimacy. Read more


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