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Inspire and be inspired

inspireWhen the universe knows just what you need and it shows up!

You know me to be a straight shooter. So here goes.

I’ve been struggling again emotionally, battling the ongoing urge to cope with stress and unsettledness by using food. Admittedly, my weight is up out of my comfort zone and that is of concern. But of greater concern, is that my attempts at restart are on day three and so far have been unsuccessful.

So again today, I vowed, this is the day. Restart. Refocus. And, for better or worse, for me that means “go public.” The cool thing is that today is the day the restart will be successful. I know this because inspiration is showing up everywhere. And I am so grateful.

First, as I walked into the fitness studio this morning for my first training appointment back in the Twin Cities in over three weeks, I was greeted by someone working hard on the elliptical with a very enthusiastic smile, and a “Hey, hi, wow, you look great!…”

At first, I was a bit taken back and mustered a smile (although privately I wasn’t in a great place and barefly made it to the studio for training today). As I got closer and this friendly face hopped off the elliptical to hug me, I realized it was a former neighbor, friend and colleague I haven’t seen in years — well, probably since I lost the weight. Read more

Kudos to biggest loser Rachel

And anyone who has lost massive weight and kept it off!

rachel-frederickson-mainFinding¬† the delicate balance between healthy living for life (weight maintenance) after massive weight loss and not going too extreme in the other direction is NOT easy. For many of us who have been obese for most of our adult lives, it requires intense self-awareness, focus, diligence, and learning to live and cope in new ways — without using food as a “go to” source of comfort.

On the one hand, it would be so easy to let things slide back into a slippery slope of using food as a crutch to meet emotional needs. Often, that is the addictive personality at work in us. We fear letting things slip to the point of resuming old eating patterns and putting the weight back on. And on the other hand, for many of us, it would be just as easy to become obsessed with watching our weight, working out to extremes, dieting for life, and not finding the new healthy that works for us — both for our bodies and our minds.

There are two extremes that many of us fear. It’s not as simple as losing the weight and going about your business. And if you think it will be, you will likely fall into one of these categories.

So when I see success stories of people who have not only lost massive weight but maintained it, and who are willing to share how difficult this process is, it makes me smile.  And I want my blog readers to know this side of the story as well. Read more

Success is finding your authentic self

Meet Dean. Transformation success story #3 in my series titled, “Success. It’s personal. And that’s a good thing.”

Dean Packingham

Dean Packingham (upper right) participating in his first competitive race, 2012.

Have you ever had a situation in your life where you felt like the timing was perfect…meant to be? That’s how I felt when Dean Packingham reached out to me via this blog.

He told me that I had inspired him and that he was about to embark on his own personal transformation journey. He admitted being afraid, fearing failure, but also expressed hope and determination. What struck me about Dean was that he had the courage to leap and go after something he desperately wanted, despite his fear. He asked for help. And that was the beginning of his success story.

We corresponded that night for quite awhile. My response was: “Dean, we’ve totally got this! There is no question that you can do it.” This was the same response that my mentor, O’Neal Hampton, gave me. A message of hope that arrived just when I was ready to receive it. Then, I was able to pay it forward by helping Dean.

What’s cool about this pay it forward story, is that last month, I hooked Dean up with a delightful young lady who also asked for help. She admitted she was terrified to take the leap, and that she was not in the equation of her life. And, guess what Dean said to her about two years after he reached out to me? Yep. He said, “We’ve totally got this!” Read more

Why is this happening FOR me?

mary-oliver-posterPlease excuse the hiatus in the blog. I’ve been on vacation with family on the coast of Maine, living each moment to the fullest and dissing some of my regular day-to-day responsibilities. (I know, tough gig!) Time got away from me as one fun day rolled into the next.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of time lately. Have you ever thought about how much of our lives we spend wishing time away? Waiting for that next big event or thing to happen. Or, how much time we spend with our heads down just going through the motions of our daily routine, then getting up and doing it all over again the next day without really “living” in the moment? Read more

Summer is salad time. Yum!

lobster-salad-lgI love salad anytime of year, but especially in the summer. And that was not always the case. When I was 381 pounds and living on a diet of fast and processed food, I had myself convinced I didn’t like salad. I almost never ate it.

But once I started eating and enjoying salad on a daily basis, I started to crave it. And my creative side is always looking for a new twist. So when I read this blog today: “6 Summer Salads You’ll Actually Crave,” I had to share it here.

My new favorite salad since I’ve been spending lots of time on the East Coast: Lobster salad. It’s healthy when prepared right, and I’ve found I can experiment by trying lobster rolls, sans the bun/roll. The lobster salad tastes even better to me.

Many of the recipes in this blog can be extremely healthy and clean with a few tweaks. If you’re not sure what to tweak, look for the added sugars and fat, often found in the dressings. This mint cucumber salad is on my party menu for this weekend. Yum!

What’s your favorite summer salad?

P.S. Check out my Happy, Healthy Food board on Pinterest for more great salad recipes.



Monday morning motivation – three tips

Three nutritional tips that will change your health and how you feel…for good


Lori Schaefer of speaking at the 2014 O’Neal Hampton Wellness Fair.

Happy Monday morning peeps! Are you ready? It’s going to be a great kick off to a great week! Here’s a little Monday motivation.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to a small group at the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Fair about my core message: “How to put yourself in the center of your own life and achieve your big, hairy audacious goals.” The Wellness Fair was hosted by O’Neal Hampton of NBC’s Season 9 Biggest Loser — and if you know my story — he was my hope, inspiration and mentor in my transformation journey. The Wellness Fair benefits the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation, check it out. I love to spend time with “Unc” O’Neal and his peeps. And I love sharing my story and helping others who battle some of the same challenges.

Another great speaker at the Wellness Fair was local Fox 9 News fitness and nutrition expert, Ali Holman, of CoreCamper. Ali shared 3 nutritional tips — things you can start doing today — to change your health and fitness trajectory and take care of your body. I loved her speech and, in fact, have shared these same tips with people that I coach when they are just starting out. At the Wellness Fair we promised Ali we would help carry the message. So here you go.

If you make just these three nutritional changes, Ali said, you’ll change your health, see results and feel better. Ali, I totally agree! All three are changes that were part of my nutritional program in the very beginning and they are now my weight maintenance/healthy living program for life. Read more

Success = warrior. Not quitting, no matter what!

Meet Kendra the warrior. Success story #2 in my blog series titled, “Success. It’s personal. And that’s a good thing.”


Kendra Malloy. Success story #2.

When I was first asked at weight loss boot camp to set a goal for the two-week live-in camp, I said without hesitation, “I will not quit. No matter what!” I didn’t know it at the time, but it was one of the most important things I did in my transformation journey to achieve success. I still have that goal today, and it serves me well…over and over. I have not quit in three and a half years.

Most people focus on weight loss as the goal. And in our boot camp nearly everyone, but me, focused on how much weight they wanted to drop in the grueling two-weeks. But somehow I had the foresight to focus on the bigger picture. I knew myself and knew that staying in the game when the going got tough, when my emotions got the better of me and I all I wanted to do was eat myself deeper into the black hole. When the workouts felt too hard and my mind said, “quit, you can’t do it.” And, especially when I slipped or fell off plan and my mind would use it as proof that I wasn’t good enough to do this. THOSE were the moments I needed to focus on. THOSE were the times when it was the hardest to stop the negative self talk and move forward. THOSE moments that I wanted to throw in the towel, they were the moments that I had to focus on when setting my goal.

Just over a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who exhibits that same tenacity and determination. The minute I was introduced to her (virtually), I knew she would be a success and her transformation would be both internal and external, inside and out. I offered to help and support her transformation journey for those reasons.

Meet the lovely Kendra Malloy from Berkley, Michigan. Kendra calls herself a warrior. And she is! Kendra’s transformation success story — while still in progress — will inspire anyone who can relate to starting out with focus and determination and throwing in the towel when it gets really emotionally tough. Like me, that became part of Kendra’s story. Like me, she struggled with body image and self worth. But this time, like me, Kendra has gone all in! She has NOT thrown in the towel or let herself quit. And to date Kendra has lost 150 pounds, gotten stronger inside and out, and is able to show herself compassion and love! That’s real success and it deserves to be celebrated. Kendra, so do you! Read more

It’s Monday! We’ve got this!



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